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Power and strength training and conditioning programs for athletes and people who engage in exercise and physical activity alike can achieve higher levels of power and strength, making them capable of reaching their personal fitness and health goals to prevent a variety of health issues, such as low back pain and sciatica. Power refers to the ability to create as much force and as fast as possible. It’s also necessary for athletic movements in workouts as well as in swinging a bat, golf club, tennis racket and even in running through a tackle. Power requires strength in order to develop enough force. Strength refers to the amount of force which muscle(s) can exert against an external load. A one-rep maximum test is performed when an individual evaluates the greatest weight they can lift while maintaining proper form. The movement’s speed is not important in a strength test. Dr. Alex Jimenez offers insight on a variety of stretches and exercises along with discussing the possible risks of injury pertaining to strength training, low back pain, and sciatica, through his numerous power and strength article archive.