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Athletes participate in a wide variety of training programs which consist of numerous strenuous exercises and physical activities in order to ultimately achieve the human body’s maximum performance and also making sure they meet all of their nutritional requirements. With proper fitness and nutrition, many athletes can condition themselves to excel in their specific sport. However, low back pain and sciatica, among other sports injuries can frequently occur. Our training programs are designed for athletes in order to help them gain a competitive edge in their specific sport while avoiding other sports injuries, including low back pain and sciatica. We provide sport-specific services to help increase an athlete’s maximum performance through strength, mobility, and endurance training programs. Although excessive workouts can cause underlying conditions and injuries, such as low back pain and sciatica, proper treatment, such as chiropractic care, can help prevent further health issues. Dr. Alex Jimenez’s collection of articles for athletes discusses detailed underlying conditions and injuries, including low back pain and sciatica, which ultimately affects athletes while focusing on treatments in order to achieve an athlete’s overall health and wellness.

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