Posture is the upright position in which a person holds their body against gravity when standing, sitting, or lying down. Proper posture visually reflects an individual’s health and it also ensures that the joints and muscles, as well as other structures of the body, are working accordingly. Normally, we don’t consciously maintain a proper posture. Certain muscles are in charge of maintaining our proper posture. Several muscle groups, including the muscles of the back and the hamstrings, are essential in maintaining proper posture. While ligaments help hold the skeleton together and when postural muscles are functioning accordingly, these can prevent the forces of gravity from pushing us over forward. Postural muscles also maintain our posture and balance during movement. Throughout a compiled group of articles, Dr. Alex Jimenez distinguishes the most common effects of bad posture, including sciatica, as he specifies the recommended actions an individual should take to improve their posture as well as enhance their overall health and wellness. Sitting or standing improperly can occur unconsciously, but recognizing the problem and correcting it can ultimately help many individuals avoid a variety of symptoms, including sciatica.

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January 23, 2023

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