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Back Pain: Integrating a background and exam along with state-of-the-art imaging, so we can provide you with the most efficient therapy choices. To begin, we will speak with you regarding your symptoms, which will provide us with critical information regarding your underlying condition. We’ll then perform a physical exam, during which we’ll check for posture issues, evaluate your spine and assess your backbone. If we guess injuries, like a disk or neurological injury, we’ll probably order imaging tests to obtain an analysis.

We would like to treat your back pain condition efficiently as you can and as quickly – so you can eliminate the sidelines, and back to your life. To that end, we’ll try to avoid operation whenever possible, and we are going to stay away from temporary Band-Aid repairs. We’ll concentrate on treating your back pain with our extensive experience in treatment. These treatments can allow the underlying damage to naturally heal while relieving your symptoms that you could make as near to a complete recovery possible. Dr. Alex Jimenez’s collection of articles on Back Pain discusses how chiropractic care is used to treat back pain, among other spine health issues like sciatica.

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