Wellness: A key factor to spine or back pain conditions is staying healthy. Overall wellness involves a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, physical activity, restful sleep, and a healthy lifestyle. The term has been applied in many ways. But overall the definition is as follows. It is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. It is multidimensional, bringing together lifestyle both mental/spiritual and the environment in which one lives. It is positive and affirms that which we do is in fact correct. It is an active process where people become aware and make choices towards a more successful lifestyle. This includes how a person contributes to their environment/community. They aim to build healthier living spaces and social networks. It helps in creating a person’s belief systems, values, and a positive world perspective. Along with this comes the benefits of regular exercise, a healthy diet, as well as personal self-care and knowing when to seek medical attention. Through our collection of articles, Dr. Alex Jimenez discusses how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help promote wellness in people with low back pain and sciatica.

Learning About Sciatica Featured Image

Learning About Sciatica | Video

https://youtu.be/YIT23S6hSMo   After a person is diagnosed with sciatica or sciatic nerve pain caused by another health issue, like a herniated...
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Doctor of Chiropractic for Sciatic Nerve Pain | Video

https://youtu.be/Rpj8lWhma6I   Many patients will visit a healthcare professional after experiencing low back pain and a variety of other symptoms where...
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Best Treatment for Sciatica | Video

https://youtu.be/Aek2jGjTJ48   Sciatica, or best called sciatic nerve pain, is a group of several symptoms instead of one type of condition,...