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Weight Loss: People with excess weight and obesity commonly experience back pain and sciatica, frequently not even realizing that excess weight and obesity can also contribute to back pain and sciatica. It is a known fact that people who are overweight are at risk for back pain, sciatica, joint pain, and muscle strain. Not only is back pain and sciatica an issue but other symptoms may include fatigue, difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath during short periods of physical activity. When this happens, people begin to avoid physical activity which in turn leads to various other unhealthy conditions. Dr. Jimenez brings the PUSH-as-Rx ®™ System which is a program designed by a strength-agility coach and physiology doctor with a combined 40 years of experience. At its core, the program is the multidisciplinary study of reactive agility, body mechanics, and extreme motion dynamics. Through continuous and detailed assessments of the clients in motion and while under directly supervised stress loads, a clear quantitative picture of body dynamics emerges. This system with continual dynamic adjustments has helped many of our patients in their weight loss journey. Plus they become faster and stronger. Results demonstrate clear improved agility and speed no matter the age. Along with physical training, Dr. Jimenez and the trainers offer nutritional advice.

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