Nerve Injury

Nerve Injury: Nerves are fragile soft tissues that can be damaged by pressure, stretching, or cutting due to an injury or underlying condition. Injury to a nerve can interrupt signals from the brain to the rest of the human body, causing structures not to work properly and the loss of feeling in the injured region. The nervous system is in charge of many functions of the human body, from regulating breathing to controlling the muscles as well as sensing cold and heat. However, when damage from an injury or an underlying condition causes nerve injury, such as sciatica, an individual’s quality of life may be tremendously affected. Dr. Alex Jimenez explains various concepts through his collection of archives around the types of injuries and underlying conditions that can cause nerve complications as well as discuss the different types of treatments to ease nerve pain and restore the individual’s quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis, Sciatica, and Nerve Pain

Multiple sclerosis and sciatica can exist side by side or have overlapping symptoms. The sciatic nerve begins at the lower… Read More

October 8, 2021

Using Heat and Ice For A Pinched Nerve

Most if not all of us have probably used heat and/or ice on a sprain, strain, or sore area of… Read More

September 15, 2021

Neck Pain and Feeling Dizzy: Cervicogenic/Cervical Vertigo

When neck pain and becoming dizzy present it is called cervical vertigo or cervicogenic dizziness. It can present from different… Read More

March 24, 2021

Chiropractic Relief From Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves occur when added pressure is applied to a nerve or set of nerves from surrounding tissues like bones,… Read More

February 16, 2021

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