Injury Care

There are two approaches to injury care. They are active and passive treatment. While both can help get patients on the road toward recovery, only active treatment has long-term impact and keeps patients moving.

We focus on treating injuries sustained in auto accidents, personal injuries, work injuries, and sports injuries, including sciatica, and provide complete interventional pain management services and therapeutic programs. Everything from bumps and bruises to torn ligaments and back pain.

Passive Injury Care

Passive injury care is usually given by a doctor or a physical therapist. It includes:

Applying heat/ice to sore muscles
Pain medication

It’s a good starting point to help reduce sciatic nerve pain, but passive injury care isn’t the most effective treatment. While it helps an injured person feel better in the moment, the relief doesn’t last. A patient won’t fully recover from injury unless they actively work to return to their normal life.

Active Injury Care

Active treatment also provided by a physician or physical therapist, relies on commitment from the injured person in order to work. When a patient takes ownership of their health, the active injury care process becomes more meaningful and productive. A modified activity plan will not only help an injured person transition to full function but also improves their overall physical, and emotional wellness.

Spine, neck, and back
Knees, shoulders, and wrists
Torn ligaments
Soft tissue injuries (muscle strains and sprains)

What does active injury care involve?

An active treatment plan keeps the body as strong and flexible as possible through a personalized work/transitional plan, which limits long-term impact and helps injured patients work toward a faster recovery. Injury Medical & Chiropractic clinic’s injury care, a clinician will work with the patient to understand the cause of sciatica or sciatic nerve pain, then create a rehabilitation plan that keeps the patient active and brings them to back to proper health in no time.

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