Health Coach

A Health Coach is a mentor and wellness practitioner that supports and helps individuals reach their optimal health and feel their best through a customized food and lifestyle program that meets their unique needs and goals.

Health coaching does not focus on one diet or way of living.

Integrative Nutrition Coaching focuses on:

Bio-individuality meaning we’re all different and are unique
Emotional needs
Physical needs

It emphasizes health beyond the plate and wellness through primary food. At the core is the idea that there are areas that impact health just as much as food. This means that:

Physical activity

All contribute to overall well being.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness.

These professionals work with clients and teach them how to:

Detox their bodies
Fuel their bodies
Maintain their bodies

This leads to individuals becoming the:


That they can be!

Health Coaches offer services in private one-on-one sessions and group coaching. Furthermore, health coaches can also help provide patients with advice and guidelines for diet and lifestyle modifications that can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is associated with a variety of health issues, including low back pain and sciatica.