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Spinal Hygiene

The spine protects the nervous system that controls every function in the human body. The nervous system controls breathing, heartbeat, muscle movements, and the production of new cells to even control healing. The misalignment of the spine can tremendously affect the signals constantly being sent through the nervous system, resulting in pain and discomfort like sciatica, degeneration, and loss of everyday functions.

Spinal hygiene is important, however, 89 percent of the population doesn’t understand the importance of maintaining proper spinal alignment through chiropractic care as well as protecting the spine from damage or injury. As children, we start our lives with tumbles and trips that jar our spines, we grow into adults with poor posture, we lift objects that are too heavy, carry overloaded backpacks, and we suffer automobile accidents, sports injuries, and stress. Get in on the health trend of the future, today. Join the growing percentage of the population that enjoys greater health and wellness through regular chiropractic care for their spines. Talk to your chiropractor today about how you can ultimately help improve your spinal hygiene and well-being.