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Collision & Injury Dynamics

Collision & Injury Dynamics:ย The mathematical principles of collision physics are complex and unique for each and every accident. They can be simplified, as many of the forces involved are so small that for practical purposes they are insignificant.ย  Importantly, these principles often support the position of the patient and their doctor.ย Car accidents can be devastating! Many people suffer through the agony and pain car accidents cause their bodies and many times they have no idea of what to do. People will go to the emergency room and be prescribed medication and sent home. What the hospital does not realize is that these people are still in pain and many times canโ€™t work for days after their accident. Thatโ€™s where I come in, I make sure the patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine how much damage was done to them after their collision.ย  Then I will treat the patient according to what they need so they can get back to the quality of life they enjoyed prior to their car accident. Dr. Alex Jimenez discusses the collision and injury dynamics involved during an automobile accident that cause problems like whiplash and sciatica, among other health issues.