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Electroacupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate specific points to relieve pain and other symptoms. The procedure involves traditional needle insertion then a small electrode is attached to the needle/s. The electrode provides a gentle vibration that stimulates the energy circulating through these points. It is believed to help increase blood circulation, which can help to relieve any pain and potential blockages.

It is often very soothing, providing a soft humming and a more fluid treatment. The electrode takes over for the acupuncturist’s hand moving the needle to activate the point/s. This helps prevent the practitioner from tiring and ensures that the individual receives the proper stimulation. Also, electroacupuncture treatments tend to be shorter than regular acupuncture treatments because of the continued and stronger electrical stimulation. A unique advantage of electro-acupuncture is its ability to simulate larger areas than the needle by itself. Electroacupuncture can treat various conditions, including:

Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Nerve injuries
Sports injuries
Hormonal imbalances
Digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea
Neurological conditions

Electroacupuncture increases the intensity of the signals sent through the needles to help increase communication.