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El Paso Chiropractic News: Dr. Jimenez brings various articles dealing with the local chiropractic community and what they are up to in regard to sciatica or sciatic nerve pain. Chiropractors are known for safely and effectively treating neck and back pain, as well as sciatica while a medical doctor might prescribe pain medicine, muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, while an orthopedic doctor may suggest surgery, a chiropractor will treat your sciatic nerve pain by hand, through manipulation of the spine. Chiropractors bring the musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment. Chiropractors help to change the position of your body through proper pressure to particular points along the spine that is not properly aligned. This results in the all familiar popping that people are used to. The noise is created from a change in pressure in your joints as gas bubbles are released. Adjusting the spine with their hands at particular pressure points, chiropractors can unblock nerve energy and allow it to flow in a much smoother way down your spine and throughout the entire body. Regular visits can realign your spine to improve sciatica and optimize overall health and wellness.